About The Math Facts Fixer

A Resource for All Math Teachers

  • The Math Facts Fixer Program Is:
  • Written by a Special Education teacher with 30+ years of experience in the field
  • Fascinatingly different from other programs
  • Highly effective with ALL learners
  • Tremendously effective for teaching facts
  • The Math Facts Fixer Program Is:
  • Research based
  • Relevant to Common Core Standards, MAP® testing, and RTI
  • Positively received by students of all ages
  • Enthusiastically implemented by teachers
  • The Math Facts Fixer Program Is:
  • Easy to implement in the classroom - including differentiation if needed
  • Easy to explain to parents
  • Easy to afford

About the Products

The Math Facts Fixer offers very unique products because each one actually teaches math facts. This is rare among math fact programs, which usually concentrate solely on some form of drill. However, our math fact programs accomplish mastery in a simple but most effective manner.


Teachers receive a binder that includes materials/worksheets needed to inplement the program. The hard-copy materials for student use need to be duplicated for students - an easy task but one requiring access to the Xerox and paper.

  • In addition, teachers will have access to:
  • email/and or phone support
  • a folder containing (program specific) flashcards that can be created for students

Outstanding Characteristics of the Product

  • Very unique - new methodology that actually teaches math facts easily and efficiently
  • Very effective for all learners - math comprehension in class and test scores prove it!
  • Very easy to implement
  • Very easy to differentiate when needed or to include a new student
  • Very easy to collect data
  • Very low (1x) cost per classroom

Outstanding Feedback about the Product

  • "I definitely want to do the program again next year!"
  • "I am so amazed by the progress the students have made this past year. They loved it."
  • "My special needs students fared just as well as their peers without disablilities."
  • "My students felt so successful and they were. This program works!!"
  • "Fastastic idea and outstanding program."

About the Author

The program author is a special education teacher (MA University of Iowa) and program trainer/consultant. As a special education teacher, the author worked with many students who struggled in math. Some of these students had no number sense, some had significant challenges with memory tasks, some had difficulty handling manipulatives, some had visual or others discrimination difficulties that made touch math difficult, and some experienced all of these issues.

Over 25 years ago, the author realized that what was desperately needed was a method that would teach the basic facts, give students success with math and would have long term impact on their learning. In response to this great need, and with all special education issues in mind, the author had an idea and inspiration to try something previously unheard of – creating a completely new approach to teaching math facts. When the new approach was taken into the classroom, it was clear to see that the students immediately felt successful, they enjoyed the program, and learned and retained the material well. When the materials were shared with other teachers and the program was expanded for all classrooms and all learners, the results continued to be amazing. All students who experienced the program responded positively, greatly improving their math facts and other related skills.